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Leamington, ON, Canada

Phones are open – Mon-Fri – 8am-5pm. Appointments are required for visits.

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Rev Up Your Driving Skills in Leamington.

Our instructors are seasoned professionals dedicated to creating a supportive environment as you master the art of driving. Whether you’re starting out or seeking to enhance your skills, our lessons are personalized to your needs, ensuring you feel in control behind the wheel.

Nestled in the heart of Leamington, we proudly extend our services to the community and its neighboring areas, including Kingsville, Wheatley, and Essex. Our comprehensive curriculum spans from mastering fundamental driving techniques to advanced maneuvers, preparing you for every facet of driving.

As an MTO approved institution, we’re not just about getting you a driver’s license; we’re making quality instruction a polished experience. From advanced simulators to on-road practice sessions, we ensure that every aspect of your training is of the highest quality. While affordability is part of the package, our focus is on delivering outstanding training that goes beyond the basics.

Join TTCC for your G1, G2 and G training needs; where every twist in the road leads to success with finesse. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson too learn from the experienced crew in Leamington. Enroll today, and let’s drive the road to your driving freedom together, with a touch of affordability and a whole lot of skillful flair.


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