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Welcome to the premier destination for safe and confident driving in Napanee, Ontario.

At our esteemed driving school, we offer a range of courses, including Driver Training Courses, Drivers Education Course, Refresher Lessons, Road Test Preparation, both for teens and adults.  We have tailor made these courses to meet the needs of our learners in Belleville, Kingston, and other nearby cities. Learn with us; we go beyond basic training but also cover advanced driving techniques such as Defensive Driving, navigating hazardous road conditions and handling emergency situations.

Our courses prepare students for written knowledge tests and practical driving exams required to obtain a driver’s license. Our experienced instructors provide guidance on exam requirements, practice driving skills, and offer valuable tips for passing the tests the first time. They are not only skilled drivers but also patient, friendly, and dedicated educators who understand the unique challenges faced by learners due to their demanding carriers.

We have the track record to prove it. Since 1996, we have been training countless students become safe and confident drivers. We take pride in our reputation for excellence in driving instruction. The raving reviews and positive word of mouth we get are no coincident but its because we equip students with the knowledge they need to pass their driver’s license exams the first time. A high success rate indicates that the school provides effective instruction and prepares students well for the road test. Ready to take the wheel with confidence? Join Napanee’s preferred Driving School. Enroll now to start your journey on the road to driving success.


Get detailed knowledge of the written test criteria to ensure you’re ready.